July 30, 2008

Love and pain make you human

I believe in the power of love. Love is just a wonderful feeling that God gives us. Everyone wants to be loved. But to be loved by others is to love others first. And loving ourselves is the foundation of all.

It is such a great pleasure when we are loved by our parents, our siblings, our family and relatives, our friends, our loved ones, and even people that we barely know. Although some of us may not have parents etc. to get love from, Tuhan itu Maha Penyayang. Love can be anywhere, and God’s love is so close to us, that we can feel it with every beat of our heart.

But pain is always there to accompany love. Without pain, we won’t know the value of love. Because we don’t appreciate the love until we know how hurtful pain can be. It hurts so much.

We were given the feelings to love, so that we love each other. And pain will always there to hurt us even for so many times, so that we learn to love more. And makes us human.

“Cinta itu milik Tuhan. Dialah yang lebih berhak menanamnya ke dalam hati hamba-hambaNya yang layak. Dan Dia juga berhak untuk mencabut rasa cinta itu dari dalam dada hamba-hambaNya. Kehilangan cinta itu sungguh menyakitkan. Apatah lagi jika kehilangan cinta dari Tuhannya sendiri. Apakah nilai seseorang manusia itu kemudiannya? Tagihlah cinta dari Tuhanmu, kerana Dialah yang lebih berhak ke atas setiap cinta yang kita rasakan dan yang kita terima.”


full stop said...

seriously, i think pain is a form of love. contohnye la kan, klu kite kene rejek or baru break up, kite sakit hati sgt2.. tu tandenye kite sayang org tu dgn ikhlas nye.. tp bile dah hilang rase sakit tu, it maybe means we r not in love with that person anymore [full stop]

AsyAnis said...

quoting from the movie 'Cinta',

"kadang-kadang orang yang paling kita sayang tu lah paling susah kita nak sayang..."

I guess that's one of the pain in love

Anonymous said...

Love is not possesion, love is about appreciation