November 7, 2008

Why U should dump FRIENDSTER and switch to FACEBOOK

1. Friendster is just plain boring
2. Friendster always have this kind of maintenance, where it gets "bengong" or retarded sometimes
3. U can tag people in photo with Facebook, but Friendster cant
4. U can keep the photos u've been tagged in ur page even u dont own the photos with Facebook, but with Friendster u can only grab photos u dont own
5. U can have many applications in Facebook (as long u keep ur page tidy) but with Friendster, only certain application available and I dont even know how to manage them
6. U get clear notification if there's any update with ur Facebook, but with Friendster, U have to search 4 urself if there is any new comment in 1 of your loads of photos
7. Many people are switching to Facebook, and begin to neglect their Friendster, which means they no longer active in Friendster.
8. U can join a lot of groups, create event and so on with Facebook, but U cant do it with Friendster, unless u shout with ur Bulletin Boards, which is juz bored to be read
9. Most people tend to use Friendster as 'Facester' by posting their photos of gedik, hensem or lawa, cambagus... I dunno why they use Friendster as a medium utk 'perasan'. Instead, most Facebookers use Fb as 'Friendbook', where they keep in touch with friends by this medium, n more than friends, such as idols, celebs, anwar ke, mahathir ke kan..
10. I think with Facebook u can be more professional n organized. Friendster probably for beginners now, but Facebook is not bad for beginners either.

Why U should not create any FACEBOOK account

1. Addiction to it is not something easy to control
2. Addiction to open facebook everytime u online
3. Addiction to tag people the way u like
4. The font used in Facebook is quite small.. 0_O
probably size 4 or 6 of normal type. I would prefer bigger one, which is more convenient to my eyes, even tho i'm not short-sighted
5. U will lose the sense and touch of having real relationship with people around u, coz all u do is juz click n type. U don even get face 2 face with people. Probably good 4 ASBO (anti-social behaviour) / kera sumbang

I've deleted my old FS account, since I already hav FB. But I created a new account, so that I can still keep in touch with my friends who still don hav FB. So does Syiqin my sister, when r u goin 2 dump that lousy FS n switch 2 FB??