July 2, 2008

Aku yang bengong

Last 2 days, I met my lappy back, after separated for nearly 1 year. Not sure if I can still call it my lappy, since it’s not under my supervision anymore..huhu.

And I made silly mistake, when I couldn’t get connected to streamyx, thinking of whether the problem was caused by the internet provider or not. I reported to the staff, and yesterday this one pakcik from TMnet came to see if there was any technical problem. After all, it was caused by LAN settings, that was disabled in my laptop. Malu giler! I should have realised that the day before..ohh~~ ntah sape2 la ter-disable kan mende alah ni…

Nway, it’s so gr8 dah boleh online from my house now! And I can start blogging again. Yippiee..!!

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