August 24, 2010


It means pain discomfort during menstrual. Or popularly, period pain. Most women experience this during their menses days, every month, though some don’t, fortunately. And the experiences vary from one woman to another. Some say the pain will get lessen after they get married. I don’t know how valid this is.

The pain varies. My own experience? Let me reveal this in Malay. Sakit perut yang bukan macam biasa, sakit pinggang yang amat sangat seolah-olah patah pinggang dan sakit di bahagian dalaman yang berpunca akibat servix cramp. All these symptoms are so painful that I can’t even sleep just because I want to get over the overwhelming pain. Instead, I have to consume painkiller and wait for it to take effect. During the waiting, I will be so ‘half-life’ enduring the pain, tossing in my bed with various positions to calm down. After struggling for some time, I would normally get carried away into sleep and wake up feeling no pain anymore. Alhamdulillah~

Sometimes, it turns out to be good to me, either I feel mild pain, or I take the painkiller in advance, so that when the pain sets in, I’m already desensitized to feel the pain. Recently, I experience dysmenorrhea for 3 consecutive days, don’t know if this a bad sign (normally 2 consecutive days).

Some tips to control this:
1. Eat a lot of carbohydrates such as rice and bread
2. Avoid caffeine at any cost, coz it will make the pain worse
3. Avoid chocolate (but I don’t always obey this)
4. Avoid cold temperature / cold room / cold drink
5. Get extra heat from hot water in container or hot towel and press it to the pain area
6. Painkiller, the most effective one to kill the pain. Actually it is not that good for health. But if the pain is so unbearable, or I can’t be power-less to get my things done because of the pain, then this is my only solution.

And some women experience mood swing during menstrual? Maybe due to the pain that is affecting the mood? That they turn out to be grumpy or sensitive? I don’t know much coz I don’t experience this. I always try to control my mood though I’m in pain, usually by avoiding meeting people. Well, I do have PMS, but not by being moody, just being a bit weird..

However, as a Muslim, I have faith in Allah. And Allah says, setiap penyakit itu pengubat dosa.. (illness is a cure to our sin). And I accept this monthly test dengan redha, at least every month Allah has given me the chance to cure my sins, not only by remembering Him, but by fearing the torment of the hellfire as well, which pain is more unbearable and unspeakable by words. Naudzubillahi min dzalik.


Shml said...


* NSAIDs are treatment of choice (scheduled or as needed) with proven benefit in randomized trials
o ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) 800 mg orally 3 times daily, 600 mg orally every 6 hours or 400 mg orally every 4 hours
o naproxen sodium (Anaprox) 550 mg orally twice daily
o mefenamic acid (Ponstel) 250 mg orally every 4-6 hours
o not recommended in advanced renal disease, hepatic insufficiency, nursing mothers

* COX-2 inhibitors also effective but more expensive than traditional NSAIDs
o celecoxib (Celebrex) 400 mg initially then 200 mg orally twice daily as needed

* vitamin B1 100 mg/day effective for reducing pain in 1 large randomized trial

* magnesium appears effective but data limited and optimal regimen unknown

* low-dose combination oral contraceptives have been used, but evidence limited

* re-evaluate for secondary dysmenorrhea if unresponsive to NSAIDs

* hormonal therapies are effective for pain attributed to endometriosis

* high-frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) or acupuncture may relieve pain in patients with primary dysmenorrhea

Shml said...

Boleh cuba high dose evening primrose oil too (1000mg-2000mg/day)

AsyAnis said...

thanks a lot, dr.Shml. very informative

Jiha said...

dr shml.. lol brgune utk dr nazihah-soon-to-be gk ni =pp