September 28, 2009

What I’ll be missing: the last part

The truth is, I don’t really feel like missing UK at the moment. Maybe after some years? Currently I’m enjoying my time in Msia, so why should I miss something else?One week before I got back, my heart was already in Msia, I was only physically in UK, thus parting from people over there didn’t really sadden me. It has been almost a month since I got back, and had a blast eid for the whole last week. Celebrating eid that had lost its feel since last 3 years..and last week it had been awakened again and I’m so grateful.

Anyway, I know I would still miss some other things:

*wonderful Msian families in Bradford and their lovely kids, especially the ones that blend well with me

*catching a train or bus to get somewhere easily, no matter how near or far. I really miss and need this excellent public transport system. It makes anyone can go anywhere, but in Msia, without a car, you just can go nowhere. Public transport? No comment. Only LRT, Putra, KTM Komuter and ERL would make me think less about safety and convenience.

*carrying my handbag anywhere without any worries. But in Msia, I can only feel secure if I use a sling bag. So when can I use my handbag? I dunno. Only when I think it is safe for me to walk around with it, without the chance of it being snatched by any scumbag and get myself injured afterwards, or even die, just like any other victims (naudzubillah).

*fast speed internet!!! Why is my streamyx is sooo lousy?? Currently it is so unstable that it disconnects itself anytime it likes it (and frustrates me). This is truly berukband. Even in CC.


Maybe I shouldn’t miss UK that much. Plus, I’m enjoying my life in Msia now, with its pros and cons. I’ve made my decision to be here and my future is also here. Here in my home.


BumbleBeE said...

kat mane jual berukband tuhh??

Anonymous said...

I was gonna ask the same thing! lol

But in all seriousness.. low speed internet -> less internet -> frustration -> less time on computer -> more time to catch up with the real world. ;P

AsyAnis said...

byk jual berukband tu..katanye cap streamyx ade, celcom pon ade..P1W1 blom dgr lg...

btol la tu anonymous..more time with real world..but still need internet for important stuffs such as emails, online banking, n others.. *sigh*

good chance to have social life in real world rather than virtual one..