October 31, 2009

Pardon my language

My tongue is really twisted now, to speak normal Malay (language), Terengganu Malay and proper British English. Since I came back to UK, obviously I rarely speak English to anyone here because there is no demand for that. Except when writing (typing) like what I’m doing now. And also for the need to speak proper Malay – baku. I am enjoying speaking Terengganu accent now, the accent that I will not utter when I’m in UK coz I’m not used to using Terengganu accent when I’m not in Terengganu, even meeting the Terengganu people over there.

Because I was so used to speak ‘baku’, at first when I came back, my language was all mixed-up; baku + loghat Terengganu. Almost similar to tongue twister. And now, I realise that it is even harder to utter English that I was so used to sometime ago.. and I think my English overall is deteriorating and really need polishing..

One useful tip to share here, if you really want to improve your English in a non-english environment, all you really need is CONFIDENCE. Lacking of confidence will result in less use of English, improper use of some English words and poor quality of spoken English. Like me, the way I’m using my English now is more towards Manglish and I really should be cautious………

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