August 5, 2009

What I'll be missing: II

I was browsing through my old photos, and found some photos of me with the winter clothes..
*Winter coats

Ohh..i think I'll be missing wearing them. Even though sometimes they were like a weight to carry on the body during cold/freezing times, but back in my humid and hot homecountry, I won't be using them anymore.

Amsterdam, April 2008

Unless..I wanna catchup with the latest trend, such as wearing maffler despite the hot weather..(what?) Yeah recently I think they are really in the fashion. But I don't think I can do that. I can't even put on double layer of clothes everytime I go back home. I'll sweat and I don't like that. And I always wonder why some Malaysians can do that..maffler around the neck, gloves some - I really wanna walk in my boots back in Malaysia, but I'm worried my feet will be flooding with sweat. And as for winter coats, they ARE really in trend right now (?) since a lot of gorgeous coats are sold by most women's stores..and I wonder again..

No offense eh..if u not travelling to any winter countries, when are you gonna experience wearing them? haha wutever..It's good if u can accommodate to hot weather even by wearing layers..

Ohh can't wait to go back and put on my baju kurung and kebaya..
-since it's always windy here, I don't feel practical wearing them regularly.


sheqin said...

yerr, i do agree..espc that maroon winter coat.. heavy gile.. siap boleh buka kat dlm TkMAXX sbb sgt panas n xlarat nak pakai..huhu

AsyAnis said...

klu dah sejuk sgt, x sempat dah nk pk berat ke x..yg penting warm......

nway bertahun aku pakai, x pnah aku komplen berat pon..