August 2, 2009

No pain no gain in Spain

I juz got back from Spain yesterday, after being a tourist guide to my cousin's family. Well, the truth was, I was being a tourist guide to a place I had never been before! Haha..and what made it more interesting, this time I was travelling sehelai sepinggang. Ade la duit poket sikit (tu pon duit hutang) and tket flight n hotel pon hutang jugak..mamma mia...

Nothing much to say here about the trip; I'll update later. Juz to share some sweet n sour experience while we were in Malaga, before departing to Granada. While we were waiting for the bus to Granada at the Estacion de Autobuses de Malaga (Malaga Bus Station), I was charging my camera battery in the toilet. At the beginning, I was waiting in the toilet. But then, I had to get my flip flop from them to perform ablution. I felt so lazy to unplug the charger and bring it outside and then get into the toilet again. Since I was thinking, if there were anyone (too stupid and mean) to steal it, it could be of not much use since it was just a battery, not even a camera.

Then I left it there, when nobody was in the toilet, and when I got to them (around 40m from toilet), they were asking me for qiblah direction. I was feeling worried since this was gonna buy me some time leaving the charger alone, but then I tried to use the compass quickly to find the qiblah. Then I got back to toilet quickly (after 2-3 minutes I guess) and tadaa..there was nothing on the plug!! My battery + charger + europe adaptor = all GONE!

Panjangnye citer..dipendekkan citer, camtu la..i think someone had just stolen it, in a nick of time..and he/she (should be she since it was a ladies toilet) could be planning on selling those items in black market (wutever!). Nothing much I could do. Once it's gone, it's gone.

I really couldn't say anything, I wasn't careless since I left them with my willingness and confidence. But, it happened. And all I could do was redha je la..I had no idea why I was so calm, but could be due to so many things I had to be patient of before, till I got no more upset feelings to spare for this sour experience.

Since that moment, my camera had stopped snapping photos :(

The sweet thing about it was that, there was this one fine Spanish guy that was really keen on helping me and felt really sorry for it (hehe). Well, he was helping me to translate my case to the security guard (since most Spanish don't speak English). But the guard couldn't help that much since no one had reported any missing item to him. And coincidentally, we were heading to Granada in the same bus.

I took some time to have a conversation with him at the Estacion de Autobuses De Granada. Found out that he was on his way to his campus somewhere 3 hours away from Granada. That explained why he could speak English - he's in univ/college doing art. Well his name was pronounced as Ghondia (I'm sure this spelling is wrong) and back to the missing item, he did ask at the information counter as well but no hope. At least, it did heal a bit to meet some decent bloke in Spain right? ;) He even suddenly popped out to offer help when we were getting into taxi (after we already left each other) but I said I already had the hotel's address.. =)
So that was when I last talked to him. Mucho gusto encantando!

On our last day in Spain, we headed back to Malaga bus station from Cordoba. Once again, I did try my chance looking for my missing items, but that left me in vain. It was like 4 days ago that I lost them and no chance of recovering them now.

My camera had not been functioning (without a battery) since then.

Now I'm back in UK, I got my spare battery, but still I need to look for the charger. All the best for me yea!

This was the last photo taken from my camera, before the battery went dead (and lost). This up on the hill scene was taken from Castillo de Gilbrafaro, Malaga.


c3mut said...

nk emel dier~~

AsyAnis said...

pi la mtak sniri hahaa

BumbleBeE said...

ape ke hal la cerdik sangat.. "leave wih willing and FULL confidence" x_X