July 26, 2009

What I'll be missing: I

Things change. I've changed to a more mature and tougher person. Well, life gets tougher, so do I eh? And now, it is the time for big changes in my life. My journey in UK will be terminated not long from now, after I first landed here in September 2006. So, many things will end here for me.. And these ends mean big changes for me; I will no longer have them. And I know I will miss them. And as usual, we have to adapt to changes. And I'm recording them here so that I won't forget them in my busy future.

*First thing I want to record here, is what I am currently losing. I am currently losing my dear friends in UK - my fightingmates (teman seperjuangan). I'm losing them to Malaysia, they are leaving UK as their business here have finished, well some of them already in Msia. Well, even though I can still contact them, it feels so different now since they are not here in UK. In a way, I feel so alone here, since I'm still taking my time to go back home. The change is that, they are no longer here. I feel like I'm without my comrades to finish my last battle here.

-No more hanging out in UK with my girls
-No more long calls on the phone using our free minutes
-No more long chat in ym, buzzing, gossiping, pasting links and sharing photos

Holland, Spring 2008

I guess I'm just making it sound worst. The fact is, I still have other friends here, and Malaysian families that are so caring about me.


BumbleBeE said...

no, i don't care...

AsyAnis said...

dont bother to read then

BumbleBeE said...

mesti la aku bother.. =D