July 14, 2009

Need and desire

I hate wanting so much.
I hate wanting so much that I can't even get what I really want.
Whenever I can't get what I really want, I end up frustrated.
Frustrated all by myself.

I've tried to not wanting so much.
But I can't help, of having so much desire for myself,
and wanting so much to fulfill my need.

Until, I reach to a point, where I feel like I should stop from asking so many things in my life.
But it leaves me with worries of being a human without hope, since I'm not wanting anything.

It's 1:04 am now, and I can't stop being sad thinking about this since my attempt trying to get in bed. I'm thinking too much, but I can't help it.

Maybe I'm asking too much, that I forget, that I've been given with so many gifts that I forget to be thankful. I've been so blessed that I don't realise that I don't have much needs anymore, and should not be desiring this and that.

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