April 4, 2009

You’ve reached the LIMIT!

How do you know if you have reached the limit? Normally you only know it when you have passed through it. That means, a distance away from the real limit. (Er..can we stay in the limit?)

What’s the limit of being patient?

What’s the limit of being tolerant?

What’s the limit of having fun?

What’s the limit of freedom?


I don’t think anyone can tell that. Because as long as we haven’t reached the limit, we won’t know where it is. So, we keep going on and on up to a point that we cannot tolerate anymore. A point that we say, “I’ve reached my limit”, with association of some feelings, such as anger, impatient, aggressiveness, destructiveness…or maybe tiredness, relief, awake…

Recalling what I remember in maths, the limit is defined clearly. So, whatever it is, nothing can go across the limit that being set. That’s the case when we can define it, calculate and do anything with it, accompanied by any logical operations possible.

But maths cannot explain everything about limit.

Why do we have limits?

Why sky is the limit?

Why can we have unlimited internet access?

Is our love ever unlimited?

Even though in certain times we can push the limit, but there’s still limit to it.

Why do we ask for something unlimited, when at the same time we have to set the limit?

We know we have to do something when we reach the limit.

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