December 13, 2010

Stupid blackhead

Kali ni saya nak buat product review plak.

Dalam banyak2 jenis jerawat yang saya benci, blackhead is the one that I hate most. Because? It is so stubborn it won’t leave your face with scrubbing or pinching. Even if I try to dry the skin area with spot gel or acne cream, it will stay. Sometime steaming it with hot vapour will work, but still hard that I have to pinch it harder and of course, it will cause scar, and it’s hideous.

Baru-baru ni banyak juga blackhead yang bertandang kat muka saya. Selalunya, tak ada. But this time around, saya telah menggunakan facial cleanser jenama lain (sekadar mencuba) yang boleh mengawal kadar kenaikan jerawat, tapi menyebabkan blackhead. Maknanya, it is not suitable for my facial skin, and I need to get other facial cleanser.

In pharmacy, saya tak jumpa banyak product for blackhead. Mostly spot gel for zits and jerawat peringkat awal. Sehinggalah saya terperasan yang Clinelle ada gel untuk blackhead. Then I bought it to give it a try.

Keputusannya? I would recommend this to anyone coz I’m satisfied! After few nights of applying it, normally the blackhead is softened. So it turned out to be easier to remove the blackhead, without much effort – well of course by squeezing, but at least it won’t disrupt most of your skin texture. And you might require longer time in applying the gel to get rid the most stubborn one, one week maybe.

Still I hope to find a better way to treat this kepala hitam, nevertheless to prevent it from happening is the best. Kerana memicit jerawat bukanlah suatu aktiviti yang menarik.