December 8, 2010

A bit about Qatar

I would like to share my experience staying in Switzerland, but it’s gona be a lot. So before I forget about the info that I got when I just arrived in Malaysia, lemme share a bit of my conversation with someone that I met at KLIA.

This guy is a Malaysian, but currently he is working at Qatar. Kerja minyaklah, dari Petronas dia beralih angin ke Qatar for a better life. This time dia balik Malaysia, nak angkut family balik Qatar.

Menurutnya, dia dapat gaji 3x yg petronas bagi. Then kat Qatar tu, ramai sangat foreigners, especially Indians. It’s like, you’d be wondering whether you’re in Qatar or Mumbai? Haha..cynical. Other nationalities are like Indonesians, Philipinos, and Malaysians.

Foreigners ni buat apa ramai2 kat sana? Buat kerja-kerja yang pak arab ni semua tak buat la, contohnya cashiers, cleaners, jaga kedai makan etc. Yelah, orang arab ni seme dah kaya-kaya, so kerja-kerja camtu kasik kat foreigners la, sampai la mereka mula menyedari yang ramai sgt foreigners kat tanah air mereka ni.

Hmm..terbantut jap idea gua nak kerja kat sana konon2. Kalau duk kat sana rasa macam kat India, mcm nk kirim salam je la. Yela, gua pernah duk kt UK, tapi tempat gua tu buat gua rase mcm duk kat Pakistan.

Apsal rasa nak kerja kat sana? Lately I’ve been watching CNN a lot, and a lot of Qatar ad came out, as for Qatar Foundation, and latest, the World Cup thing. Qatar just won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup, and the Qatarians were very happy and excited when FIFA announced it. Looks like good opportunities to get a career over there. It’s an Islamic country, and I’m eager to have an exposure to Arabians, since all this while I’ve been dealing a lot with Europeans.

Nampaknya, plan tinggal plan ajelah. Plus, I think I still can’t deal with this homesickness, being away from where I belong to.

And a bit about Qatar Airways, the airlines that I took to go to Switzerland and come back home. It's my first time naik Qatar Airways, all this while I've been so loyal to Malaysia Airlines. Pesawat airbus, kecik sket than MAS yang travel to London. The seat comfortable, ada in-flight entertainment that gave me the chance to watch movies that I missed, direction Mekah sepanjang perjalanan jugak ada, nice food, friendly stewardess dan doa naik kenderaan dibacakan before pesawat berlepas! Hmm..good enough.

The part yang kurang menarik sikit, is the transit at Doha terminal. Nothing much, it's just that u need to get on the bus from the plane to get into the terminal. The terminal kecik aje, ada la jual chocs, perfumes, foods and praying area. Normal transit gap around 2 hours, u don't linger around a lot coz after a while in terminal, u are ready to check in for the connecting flight. Then naik bas again to get to the plane. And off you fly~

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Nice journey U have..