July 13, 2010

Why choose to be angry?

Why? It's just a CHOICE. So why don't we choose to be cool, and find a solution to that anger-awakening situation.I dunno if I'm really in the category of a patient person, but I find it hard for me to get angry (hope so). Thanks to people around me, they have showed me that patience can really reward sweet fruit, though it is bitter initially.

When we get angry, something is burning inside us that we can feel the heat. So before the heat turns into fire and burns everything around it, cool ourselves down by being patient and use our minds to control the angry emotion.

I had this experience going to this chinese acupuncture treatment. Before that, the doctor checked my blood pressure and tongue. She looked at my tongue, it was shaking with some dark spots. Her diagnosis was I kept holding back my feelings and not sharing it with others. She said if I had problems, juz let them out and feel happy again. I just smiled cause I didn't know if the diagnosis was right, but when compared to my friend, her tongue was not shaking and healthily pink...

Well she may be right to a certain extent, but what can I do. I can't express every bad thing I feel, for the purpose of maintaining good relationship and making sure everything is ok and under control. When I express dissatisfaction, it might cause tense in the atmosphere but when I hold back, it is bad for my health?? Oh..dilemma..

Nevertheless, my point is, to always be patient. Sometimes I know I am in the right position to get angry, but I am just not good at it anymore. I remember I scolded my juniors when I was in my high school because I was so angry and not able to hold it back. What happened next was they were shocked and I felt very bad that I realized nothing good could come out of being angry.

It will just burn you and people around you.

Sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud,

“Bukanlah orang kuat itu yang mempertontonkan otot dalam perkelahian, sesungguhnya orang yang kuat itu adalah orang yang mampu menguasai (emosi) dirinya pada saat ia sedang marah.”

(HR AI-Bukhari dan Muslim dari Abu Hurairah)


sheQin said...

the answer is = H.O.B.B.Y

jimonge said...

hi Asyanis!
thanks for dropping by at my blog. Was a privilage to be praised by a someone from terengganu :)
really enjoyed your blog too.
yup, totally agree with you on "Why choose to be angry?". my take : We can't control how people acts, but we can decide how do we choose react to those. That's the things that make the outcome of a scenerio totally different.

Mohanis said...

Datang menziarah ke blog Yuhanis :) Terima kasih diatas komen, rseny belum terlambat lagi utk mengucapkan Selamat hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.. :)

AsyAnis said...

hehe yer2 selamat ari raya jugak ^^