May 15, 2009

It's time to fix my life

Alhamdulillah...segala syukur pada Tuhanku..yang telah memberikan aku kesenangan dalam segala kesusahan..

Now I'm breathing again, breathing as a normal human being. Normal as in less stress, less burden, more happiness :)

My final year has been a really tough time.Can't believe it I survived.

Nov 08-Feb 09: Mental damage
I was diagnosed with depression. This mental illness was a natural process in my head. I wasn't depressed because of my grandad dying or someone has been stalking me for years, but it juz happened. Medical students should understand this better. I've been taking anti-depressant pills for months (not acai pills..hehe - omg acai has juz buzzed me!! grrr) and now I've totally recovered.

Feb 09 - April 09: Heart damage
I was emotionally challenged. I had to deal with various personal and financial problems. Alhamdulillah, I managed to mend my heart, with the help of people around me. Thanks, may God rewards you all.

April 09 - May 09: Brain damage
Critical time for dissertation and exams!!! They have made my life mixed-up with everything; my brain transformed into scramble eggs, my hands into super-typing robotic arms and my eyes into fish eyes (have u ever seen fish' eyes when they sleep??). And yes, it has made my life a lot funnier, hee ^^ Anyone that has read my notes in FB should understand this, hopefully I've cheered u up guys. Don't worry, no more notes on brain damage coz my dizzytation is a history!

Now, I'M DONE with all of these damages. It's time to fix my life. Time to clean the mess all around me. Time to catch up with everything I've left before. I realise all this is just a small test for me, from my Creator. I hope I pass with flying colours! This test has made me realise a lot of things; who are my friends and who are not worth to be called friends, I start to see what are the 'nikmat' that God has given me but I've been taking them for granted, and how powerful actually Al-Fatihah can be, to us Muslims.

I dunno which song I should choose to dedicate 2 u all, but nevermind. What is more important, if u all were sincere to me, God knows that, and the angels have been reporting them down in your record book.


Rynn said...

Congrats wei!!!! hihi.. ala, tapi pasni there'll be no more brain damage notes kat FB la ek.. i'm gonna miss them!

imansyah'09 said...

weh cah series ke ko amik anti depressant?? cam x caya jer...ermm..

c3mut said...

lagu AGAIN Yui

hehe~ okies, utk membalas jasa2 kwnmu, doakan laa mereka berjaya pula. Doakan aku juga =]

Mohd Shahnom Ismail said...


Anonymous said...


AsyAnis said...

heee thanx korang. no pain no gain kan??

cah, btol aku amek anti-depressant. name die fluoxetine. few months je. alhamdulillah skang mmg dah recover btol2. maybe mase tu dipengaruhi winter depression jgk.huhu x tahu... hanya Tuhan yang tahu

Anonymous said...

patut la mcm psycho ... now i understand why :)