March 4, 2009

Spring is coming!!

Spring is coming and I feel sooooo happy and excited!! :) :) :)

"An optimist is the human personification of spring"

I wish to bloom gracefully like the flowers, in so many colours
I wish to shine brightly like the sun, rays of light that lighten up gloomy Britain

Every time I walk outdoor in spring
I can feel the flowery breeze
I can breathe in fresh and alive air
I can feel my spirit is jumping all over

And, the best thing is to share this happy feeling with everyone else that have been longing for spring..

I ♥ spring

Bye2 winter


shakirin_sabri said...

spring yg sejuk >.<

AsyAnis said...

untuk menurunkan snow lagi di musim spring ini... ohh cant believe its snowing again.

i was juz welcoming the beautiful colours of spring.. now its gona be white again..