October 26, 2008

How lonely are you?

Just finished watching Sepi. I didn't get the chance to watch it back in Msia, so there it youtube.

My first thought was this must be a normal, touching movie. Since it's a continuation from Cinta (there are all 3, so the 3rd will be coming soon), I bet it wouldn't be more than typical Malay movie. Coz it seems like most people like Cinta, but after I watched it, I juz felt normal, nothing extraordinary. It's juz that I must give compliment to the cinematography. I dunno if Im using the correct term, but I mean the way camera shot every angle of acting. Great n impressive, the same goes to Sepi.

Sepi, not as lonely as it sounds, coz it fulls of great background musics, comforting you with every heartbeat. About 3 people, Adam (Afdlin), Sufi (Tony) and Imaan (Baizura).

Afdlin, lonely bcoz he hasnt met her soulmate. Sick of attending wedding ceremonies n being seated at 'the singles', table for single people. When he met Ilyana and getting close to her, it was too late, since Ilyana was actually ready for her wedding day. Then she cancelled it, bcoz she wanted Adam... poor ex-boyfren of Ilyana, had his wedding to be cancelled by a wedding planner-girlfriend.

Sufi accidentally hit Imaan when was driving his car with wife. n got his wife crashed by a big vehicle (truck, Storm-like) and dead, after he went out of car to look for Imaan's condition. He felt so lonely n guilty, that he had to run (as for jogging) until he started to know Marya, n learned that Marya was also lonely, longing for a child. Eventually she got pregnant, n Tony ended up waiting for her until his death.

Imaan... I guess she's kinda psycothic, since she coped with her shock of losing her bf, by having her bf still alive. Being chased by Ean, Imaan was comma for quite a time, n finally letting his Pierre bf go and rest-in-piece. ops peace.. So Imaan finally recovered her loneliness, by having Ean by her side..

Well, much better than Cinta, I would say, personally. Cinta is quite typical to me, n Sepi much better coz it knows how to touch ur heart, n mine as well, that it made my eyes wet 4 a while.

We do feel lonely. Longing. For somebody. So that we know how to appreciate the people around us. That sometimes we dunno that they chase away our loneliness. Even with a smile...


Aku lari ke hutan, kemudian menyanyiku
Aku lari ke pantai, kemudian teriakku
Sepi… Sepi dan sendiri aku benci
Aku ingin bingar. Aku mau di pasar

Bosan aku dengan penat,
dan enyah saja kau, pekat!

Seperti berjelaga jika aku sendiri
Pecahkan saja gelasnya biar ramai
Biar mengaduh sampai gaduh

Ahh.. ada malaikat menyulam jaring laba-laba belang
di tembok keraton putih
Kenapa tak goyangkan saja loncengnya?
Biar terderah,
atau… aku harus lari ke hutan belok ke pantai?

Puisi Tentang Seseorang - Melayu-Dian Sastro


kirin said...

ceh~ hang ni jiwang. sepi is a waste of time! bullshit merata2 especially watak vanida imran.

AsyAnis said...

hahaa..bab2 x masuk akal pasal vanida imran tu, wat2 tutup mata je la.dah sangap nk tgk citer melayu, tu yg layan abes tu..sekali skale aje jiwang. bkn slalu

Anonymous said...

salam, hm...ntah cmne yer. ku pun tgk cte ni, di pawagam ( xsure sorg atau ramai2).
cinematography yg mantap tp jalan cerita yang boleh mengelirukan akidah.
dari 5 ku bg 3.5
not a typical malay movie, excellent gak la..

from 5, i give 4 kat pengulas cerita ni
cara ulasan yg membuatkan pembaca mahu menontonnya segera

-very late comment~ -