September 28, 2008

forensic = forenSICK + forenSEEK

My classes for first week, for final year, has started. New subjects. New lecturers. Some new friends. And new home as well.

It seems like everyone here is still settling down. No wonder my friends' blog are not updated, probably not all. Plus facebook is not that loud now. Maybe after Eid... Some still got their boxes unpacked, some still coping with new timetable, and some still internet-less, n being a parasit to someone else's wireless connection, like me! (well we don't do any harm really rite?)

Not forgetting some of them who are still in Malaysia to celebrate RAYA! Buwekk! :p

The challenge for new subjects, forensic archaeology & forensic anthropology. Gila ke ape. I never had any interest in those subjects, and never had any intention of learning into such depth about it. But now I have no choice, since I tried to change subjects but that is not possible anymore. Nevermind, they seem interesting though.

Excavations. Skeletons. Skulls. Basically bones. TULANG.And there gonna be a practical where we gonna handle real skeletal remains...uuuu sounds creepy yet exhilarating..

People keep assuming that I gonna involve with dead bodies, n those bloody things since I'm doing forensic course. The truth is I never had involved with those stuffs, probably not yet. Probably none. Possibly yes, when I have to handle real case. But most of my friends who are doing Medic, yes they've handled dead bodies.

Well, I guess this year gonna be tougher. Studying forensic does make me SICK sometimes, coz I have to SEEK for many things; truths, facts, probabilities, and of course, produce ESSAYSSSSSZZZZzzzzz......

*my core textbook. Cool...

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kirin said...

great! bley jadi BONES hehe.. cam dlm cerita bones tu~~

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