December 23, 2008

Each Other

I need you. But you're not here.

You need me. But I'm not there.

I need them, but they don't need me.

They need me, but I don't need them.

Why. Why can't I be there for you. Why can't you be here for me.

Why can't we all always be together, when we need each other?

We are always tied by the connection of our hearts.

It's juz that,

Time separates us.

Distance separates us.

And sometimes, we separate each other. We are close but we don't feel close.

I need you. All of you who make my world. All my sunshines.


Deviant Space said...


bonded by the invincible string ~trust~

Feeling so near but yet so far

aku nk gak komen kt sni

AsyAnis said...

Dekat tapi jauh

Jauh tapi dekat


Mohd Shahnom Ismail said...

lagu enak - kanak2